Now Fully Certified
Dave Schultze has been teaching Rhinoceros at the university level since 2001 at OTIS College of Art and Design. He has attended two McNeel & Associates Training Seminars and is certified to teach other professionals both Level I and II coursed materials.
All classes are taught by Dave Schultze. Call 626-440-1934 or send an email to get things rolling.
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What is Rhino?

Rhinoceros is a 3D NURBS modelling software developed by McNeel and Associates. Rhino can create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids in Windows. The 3D data can be used to design, engineer, study, prototype, or create stunning renderings of virtually any size or shape.

For more information on some of the remarkable capabilities of this software, visit the McNeel & Associates website.

Rhinoceros is a registered trademark of Robert McNeel & Associates.
All 3D models on this page were created in Rhino and rendered in 3D Studio MAX.
Rhinoceros Training
Rhino software training is offered to select clients through customized and on-site training.

Training is structured into Level I for beginners and Level II for those with six months or more of daily Rhino experience. Classes are three days in length ( 7 hours each day, totalling 21 hours) and training can accomocate up to 12 students at a time.

In addition to the standard Rhino training materials, Professor Dave has various handouts on many tasks needed by designers and architects.

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